Zanzibar School Trip Monkey Watching

We have worked with a large range of schools both from Tanzania and Europe and have taken students from: Winchester UK, Dulwich College UK, Amplforth UK, International School Tanzania, Dar es Salaam International Acadamy, HOPAC Tanzania, Braeburn Tanzania and Kampala International School Uganda and more on expedition over the last 20 years.

We aim to engage students in an exciting variety of challenging activities to ensure they have an educational experience that they will never forget.  We also arrange adventurous climbs of Mt Kilimanjaro,  expeditions into the

Wild Things provides a large range of school trips and expeditions to suit all ages.    We cover everything from sixth form biology coursework or historical tours of Zanzibar’s slave markets to bush-craft and beach survival courses. We have a former U.K. science teacher as one of our tour consultants so we can happily fit your expedition to suite your syllabus and provide the necessary supporting materials for coursework.

Eastern Arc Biodiversity Hotspots and community projects with local schools.  Where possible we try to include a shared activity for example tree planting in cooperation with children from the local village school.

For visiting European schools we suggest, as well as the biological focus, that a visit to the rural communities is a real eye-opener.  It brings home, especially to the more privileged, how fortunate they are to have been born in the situation that they were.  This sort of interaction, outside their normal experience,  leads to a dramatic change in the students’ perspective and often greater maturity.

Whatever the focus of the expedition  we work with local experts to ensure the enjoyment and safety of  student expeditions and have a perfect safety record in over 20 years of operation.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on your school’s potential trip.

School Trip beach Survival
backwoods cooking, solar stills and much more
school expedition water vineas
Educational adventures to the bush – finding fresh water.
School Trip Slave Monument
School Trip Slave Monument