The Selous is the largest conservation area on the planet with the exception of the polar regions. It is so vast that game viewing here is a much more private affair than the busier northern safari parks. You will frequently be the only car on the landscape.

  • Birding & Game Viewing: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Selous: June - December
  • How to get to Selous: you can drive or fly
  • Safari types available: Boat Safari, Walking Safari, Game Drives

Selous takes its name from the famous hunter of that name. He was killed in action in WW1 in the Beho Beho Hills. If you wish you may visit his grave and see some of the old battle sites.

In Selous you are allowed to drive off road so you can get very close to the action. Walking safaris are permitted and it is possible to walk from one side of the reserve to the other. Boat safaris on the Rufiji River are spectacular for both animal and bird watching. You can relax on the boat with a cool drink as the sun sets, turning the water in to a shimmering burst of colours.

The Selous is home to lion, leopard, wild dog, rhino and over 13,000 elephants. The diversity of habitat from riverine forest and oxbow lakes to grassland and wooded rocky hills makes Selous superb for birdwatching.

Selous has high park fees at $50 entry and $30 camping with a further $30 Conservation fee if you stay in the Reserve. This means there are very few budget clients and the exclusivity of the reserve is retained. Accommodation ranges in price from around $200 per person per night to $1000 per person per night.

  • Attractions: Nature, and Safari Activties.
  • How to get there: Drive, Fly, Train
Where to go in Selous

  • All the Parks visited are really wonderful, especially Ruaha and the "king" Katavi that worth absolutely the long trip (at least in our point of view). Yahaya and Salim are like two friends.

    Massimo Randi

    Austria, Jul 2013

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    Jackie, David and Sarah

    Australia, Oct 2013

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    Genevieve Champagne


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    Christopher Lee

    United Kingdom, Jan 2013

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    Maria Malkova

    France, Dec 2013

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    Richard Goldberg

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    Sheri Six

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