Mount Hanang and Kondoa

Mount Hanang and Kondoa

At 3418m Mount Hanang is the fourth highest mountain in Tanzania. From the top there are superb views of several small craters as well as Lake Bakangida, The Mangati plains and the Rift Valley. Birdwatching around Hanang is excellent with over 400 species recorded.

  • Culture: Excellent
  • Birding: Excellent
  • Best time to visit Hanang and Kondoa: All year except April and May.
  • How to get to Hanang and Kondoa : need to drive.
  • Safari types available: walking safaris only

This area has two major ethnic groups, the Barbaig and the Iraqw. The Barbaig women usually wear in goatskin skirts and a colourful cotton blanket. Men usually dress in black cloth, and carry spears. The Barbaigs are predominantly pastoralists. The Iraqw keep livestock also but they are not as dependent on them as the Barbaigs.

The Kondoa rock art is found in a series of caves in a hill looking out over the steppe. This is about 9 km off the main Kondoa - Arusha road, about 20 km north of Kondoa. The caves contain paintings, which date back more than 1500 years.Tourists are required to report to the Antiquities Department office at the village of Kolo and ask for a guide.

  • Attractions: Culture, Education, Nature, and Walking and Climbing.
  • Best time to visit: June - March
  • How to get there: Drive
Where to go in Mount Hanang and Kondoa

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