Tanga Town

Tanga Town

Tanga is a typical sleepy colonial town on the 'fever coast' of Northern Tanzania. It has wide boulevards, a vibrant market and a typical local night-life. The town itself gives a good experience of Tanzanian culture and it is well worth visiting the markets. Tanga is the starting point for several interesting excursions in the area including Amboni Caves. It also provides good access to the East Usambara Mountains and Pangani.

Tanga is the most northerly seaport of Tanzania and the administrative capital of Tanga Region. The population of was 243,580 in 2002, making Tanga is one of the largest cities in the country. It can be reached easily via road from Mombasa in Kenya and from Tanzania's mainland citys of Arusha and Dar.

Tanga is on the Indian Ocean, near the border with Kenya. The major exports include: sisal, coffee, tea, and cotton. Tanga is also a significant railroad terminus, connecting northern Tanzania with the sea. Via the Tanzania Railways Corporation's Link Line and Central Line, Tanga is linked to the African Great Lakes region and the Tanzanian economic capital of Dar es Salaam. The city also has Tanga Airport.

Tanga was chosen in 1889 as one of the main military posts of German East Africa. The name Tanga comes from the word for farm or cultivated land in the local languages (KiSambaa, KiBondei, and KiZigua). Tanga gave its name to Tanganyika, the territory which in 1964 joined with the island of Zanzibar to form Tanzania.

As the coastal town closest to Kenya, Tanga was on the front line at the beginning of World War I. A British landing was repulsed with heavy losses on 4 November 1914 in the Battle of Tanga, and the town was not taken until 7 July 1916.

Tourist attractions accessible from Tanga include the extensive Amboni Caves, Galanos Hot Springs, Toten Island, Tongoni Ruins, Ndumi Village defense works, Mwarongo beaches and coastal mangroves. There is also a small airport with regular scheduled flights linking Tanga to the rest of Tanzania's safari circuits.

For more information on visiting Tanga contact us directly and our field staff will help you design your own personal Tanzania safari.

  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Recommended Stay: night
  • How to get there: Drive, Fly
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