Bagamoyo has been designated as a World Heritage Site. It is steeped in history, the name meaning 'Loss of the Heart' as a result of it being a terminus for the slave caravans from the interior. At the peak of the slave trade in the mid 19th century it is estimated that 50,000 captives arrived in Bagamoyo each year. The slaves would carry Ivory and other prizes to the coast where they would be traded for gold and spices forming important an part of the Omani trading empire. It is also home to the oldest church in East Africa.

Bagamoyo is now a popular beach destination, only 70km from Dar on good tarmac road. There are several mid-range beach hotels available, taking advantage of Bagamoyo's beautiful coastline and the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Bagamoyo is home to a number of historical features, including old German ruins, the church where Livingstone's body was kept for some time, and traditional Zanzibar-style hand-carved wooden doors and crumbling yet beautiful architecture. The Town Museum is fascinating and well-kept, with friendly and well informed staff who are more than happy to show you around and fill you in on local legend and history. The Kaole Ruins, dating from the 12th century Shirazi era, also make an interesting excursion - situated just south of the main town centre, they provide a rare opportunity to glimpse into the African past.

There is also a crocodile farm in Bagamoyo where guests can get a close view of some huge reptiles and handle the babies.

Many of the old crafts survive in Bagamoyo and there are still working boat yards where traditional Dhows are made.

Bagamoyo is a quiet place to end a safari and relax by the beach. For more information on staying in Bagamoyo contact us.

  • Adventure:
  • Culture: and Village Culture.
  • Education: and History.
  • Nature:
  • Relaxing: and Swimming Pool.
  • Safari Activties: and Boat Safari.
  • Social: and Village Bars.
  • Water Sports: and Snorkelling.
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Recommended Stay: night
  • How to get there: Drive
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