Please consider the following when planning your holiday in Tanzania.

1:What time of year do you want to visit?

The rains come at different times in different parts of the country and some areas become inaccessible - for example it is not a good idea to try and go camping in the Selous at Lake Tagalala in early May. Certain spectacles like the Serengeti Migration have key times when certain things happen so if you want to see something specific. Consult with our experts and they will suggest things that are good for you to see and do depending on the time of year that you have available for your visit.

2:How much time should you spend on safari?

It depends how many locations you wish to see. As much as possible is a good rule of thumb. To make it worth travelling a long way you may as well do the job properly! Try to avoid just spending one night in any but the smallest of locations as you will not have enough time to appreciate the park properly.

3:Should I consider a shared trip?

No you should not. Whilst it may make it cheaper for you if you do not like the people you are on safari with it could ruin our holiday. Imagine a game drive with a bird watcher and somebody who only wants to see cats - it would be just impossible to keep them both happy all through the trip!

4:Do I need binoculars on safari?

Yes you do. They will increase your enjoyment of your safari significantly. Get the best you can afford or borrow with at least 8x40 magnification but better 10x42. If you need advice purchasing binoculars then please let us know.

5:Should I bring gifts for children like pens or notebooks?

Things like this can be cheaper purchased in country. If you distribute these sort of things out of a car then there tends to be a big scrum and the toughest kid has all the pens. It is better to arrange to buy any educational materials through us and then we will arrange for you to visit the head teacher of a school and make your donation.


Bring USD cash enough for tips, souvenirs and your bar bills. You can get more cash out from ATMs in the cities and some of the larger towns. travellers cheques are not a good idea as few places change them and always at a bad rate.

7:Medication and Vaccination

You should visit your doctor well before you come to Tanzania and they will make sure you are up to date. You will need to start taking malaria prophylaxis up to a week before your trip. Make sure you have adequate supplies of any medicine you take regularly complete with your prescription.

8:Travel Insurance

You need to buy this as soon as you finalise your holiday. If you are ill and cannot travel and miss your flights you will need to claim the money back from somewhere. We suggest you take First Air Responder extra medical cover which we can arrange for you in addition to your normal medical insurance. This just means that in the event of an emergency a plane will be dispatched to retrieve you from the bush without unnecessary delay.

9:Guide books

If you are interested in the history and culture of Tanzania a general guide book is a good idea. A good bird book or mammal book is also a useful thing to have on safari.

10:Cultural Sensitivity

In Zanzibar and coastal areas which are predominantly Islamic please be sensitive to local tradition and ladies should cover their legs and shoulders. It is ok to wear a bikini at a beach resort on Zanzibar for example, but certainly not in Stone Town!

  • I am just emailing to say how amazing the safari was and I would like to thank you, The food was great and we saw so many animals its exceeded our expectations completely.

    Samantha Crichton

    United Kingdom, Jan 2013

  • We thoroughly enjoyed our experience, and we feel that the service you offered was well worth the money we paid. Salim was wonderful. Very interesting to talk to us, and an excellent driver.

    Claire Austin

    United Kingdom, Jan 2013

  • We had a most wonderful safari--thank you! Salim and Yahaya were great. We'll be sure to suggest Wild Things to any friends who may be thinking of visiting Tanzania.

    Sheri Six

    United States of America, Sept 2013

  • All the Parks visited are really wonderful, especially Ruaha and the "king" Katavi that worth absolutely the long trip (at least in our point of view). Yahaya and Salim are like two friends.

    Massimo Randi

    Austria, Jul 2013

  • We had a fantastic trip. Your excellent organisation, your guide - Max, was exemplary in every way, were major contributors to this. Many thanks for making ours, a trip of a lifetime.

    Richard Goldberg

    United Kingdom, Jun 2013

  • I'd like to say that our entire trip was truly amazing and a great once in a lifetime excursion. Everything was very well setup and we had no problems with any of the trip. Thanks to Wild Things.

    Katye Vytal

    United States of America, Jun 2013

  • We had an excellent time and the trip was very well planned, the guides (and vehicles) excellent. Thank you very much for arranging it all!

    Jackie, David and Sarah

    Australia, Oct 2013