1:Is it safe in tents with lions and other large game around while on camping safari?

Yes it is. Lions see a tent as a big object and generally do not interfere with them. Camp is well illuminated and there smell of the fires and vehicles keeps animals away. On a camping safari, whilst in Big Game areas you will have an armed ranger supplied by TANAPA for your protection so if you need to leave your tent at night you can go with him.

2. Does the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes increase in a tent when camping in relation to a lodge?

No it does not. Tents and lodge accommodation are both Mosquito proof. It is better to stay in the bush away from people where there are fewer malaria carrying mosquitoes.

3. How does your organization deal with medical emergencies such as altitude sickness or accidents while on safari or climbing Kilimanjaro?

We encourage our clients to have First Air Responder Air evacuation cover. Our on the spot team will start taking you down the mountain and out office gets in touch with your insurer if it is deemed necessary to

4. Do I need binoculars?

Yes, you should get the best you can afford.

5. What kind of vehicles do you use?

Full safari converted Landcruisers and Landrovers. All checked to a uk MOT standard.

6. Do I need a yellow fever vaccination

Visitors from non-endemic countries travelling to Tanzania (including the Zanzibar islands of Unguja and Pemba) do not need a Yellow Fever Certificate. Please note, however, that some countries still list Tanzania as a Yellow Fever endemic country so you will be asked for a certificate to travel on to South Africa for example. (

7:Medication and Vaccination

You should visit your doctor before you come to Tanzania and make sure you have the necessary vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis.

8:Travel Insurance

You need to buy comprehensive travel insurance (including medical) as soon as you pay for your holiday.

9:When do the rains normally start in Northern Circuit?

Generally the short rains begin in late October or early November and last for two or three weeks. The big rains are March through to May most years.

10: Do you have an option that includes the Masai Mara in southern Kenya?

Yes we have several options for this - just let us know how much time you want there and we will arrange it for you.

11:Is it possible to see Rhino in Selous?

Yes it is possible but very unlikely. There are not many there and most are in the hunting blocks not the photographic areas. Rhino are best seen in Ngorongoro.

12:I am trying to buy travel insurance from The US and you are not listed as a tour operator are you affiliated with another company?

We are a fully legal tour company with our own TALA licence and are members of TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators). I would expect this insurer's list is not up to date.

13: Can we all get visas on arrival in Tanzania or do we have to get it before we reach Kilimanjaro/Dar? If at airport, are you able to facilitate or help in anyway?

You can buy visas on arrival but it takes some time an we can't fast track this process. It will save you time on arrival if you manage to get your visas from the Tanzanian High Commission in your country before you travel.

14:What protection do we have paying from the UK?

It depends how you pay, you can pay be credit card or to our clients account. Either way we do not spend your money until we have completed your services.

For the road from Selous to Morogoro - Some say you can only expect the road to be passable during the dry season from July to October, some say it is ok all year. I am confused..

All year round. It is slower in the wet season that's all.

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