Tanzania has a large variety of places to visit whilst on safari, with a huge range of attractions spread all over the country. The country can be roughly divided into 5 areas: Northern, Southern, Western, the Deep South and the Islands. The diversity of the habitat in Tanzania leads to vastly different collections of wildlife in the different areas so there is plenty of scope for new things for the second and third visit to the country.

Northern Tanzania is the most popular for wildlife Safaris, containing the famous Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course it is also the most popular location. If time and budget allows you can escape may of the crowds heading into the more remote areas of the parks - let us know if you would like to do this.

Southern Tanzania has many excellent wildlife parks too, but is much quieter and less visited, and you'll hardly see any other cars on your game drives. This is the place to go to get that feeling of total isolation, the only car on the landscape, surrounded by the savannah as the sun rises.

Western Tanzania, along the shores of lake Tanganyika is very off the beaten track, and has Tanzania's chimpanzee parks Mahale Mountains and Gombe Streams.

The seldom visited Deep South (since it doesn't have many National Parks) has the largest variety of non-big 5 attractions.

Almost all visitors to Tanzania visit either Zanzibar, Mafia or Pemba islands for beach, relaxing, diving and water-sports.

Aside form the most common destinations and attractions of the National Parks and the Big Five, Tanzania has many other diverse attractions. Wild Things has the knowledge and experience to advise you - just let us know where you want to go. Our teams have travelled to all corners of the country, and visited almost all the places of interest. Should you have somewhere in mind that you can't find information about, then let us know.