English - Swahili names for mammals

African Wild Dog (s) - Mbwa mwitu

Aardvark - Mahanga

Baboon(s) - Nyani

Bat(s) - Popo

Blue Monkey - Kima

Buffalo(es) - Nyati / Mbogo

Bushbuck - Pongo / Mbawala

Camel(s) - Ngamia

Cat(s) - Paka

Cheetah(s) - Duma

Chimpanzee(s) - Sokwe

Civet(s) - Fungo

Colobus (Black and white) - Mbega mweusi na neupe

Colobus (Red) - Mbega nyajundu

Colobus (Zanzibar Red) - Kima Punju

Cow(s) - N'gombe

Deer - Paa

Dikdik - Digidigi

Duiker - Funo

Dog(s) - Mbwa

Dolphin(s) - Pomboo

Donkey(s) - Punda

Eland - Pofu

Elephant(s) - Tembo / Ndovu

Fish - Samaki

Gazelle(s) - Swala

Giraffe(s) - Twiga

Goat(s) - Mbuzi

Grant's Gazelles - Swala Granti

Guinea pig(s) - Sili

Hartebeest - Kongoni

Hippo - Kiboko

Horse(s) - Farasi

Hyena(s) - Fisi

Hyrax - Pimbi

Impala - Swala pala

Jackal - Mbweha

Klipspringer - Mbuzi mawe

Kudu - Tandala

Leopard(s) - Chui

Lion(s) - Simba

Mongoose - Nguchiro

Oribi - Taya

Pangolin - Kakakuona

Pig(s) - Ngurue

Rabbit(s) - Songura

Rat(s) - Panya

Reedbuck - Tohe

Rhinoceros - Kifaru

Roan - Korongo

Sable - Palahala / Mbarapi

Sheep - Kondoo

Suni - Paa

Thompson's Gazelles - Swala Tomi

Topi - Nyamera,/p>

Vervet - Tumbili / Tumbiri

Warthogs - Ngiri

Waterbuck - Kuro

Wildebeest - Nyumbu

Zebra(s) - Pundamilia

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